Salsa Shines



Categories: Solo Male, Solo Female, Duo.


Adult division duo is divided in following categories: Duo Male, Duo Female, Male/Female.


Age divisions: see in General Provisions, Book 2, 3.4 Age Division.


1.  Organizers music in Preliminaries and Semi Final. Organizers music and music of the dancers own choice in the Final.


2.  Duration of Performance. In all rounds, except the final, the length of performance should be 1 minute 30 seconds, to conform to the end of musical phrase. In the Final round, the dancers may use music of their own choice, or Organizers music, but must be 2 minutes long to the end of musical phrase, but must not exceed 2 minutes 15 seconds.


3.  Tempo: 48 - 55 Bars per Minute (192 - 220 beats per minute).


4.  Characteristics and Movement. Salsa Shines are an off shoot of Mambo and Salsa, so can be danced on the “1” or “2”. This style must show good body isolation, together with clean fast footwork - some of which uses

                every beat, half beat, and quarter beat of the Bar – so syncopation is important.

When dancing Duo Male, we expect to see slick, clean, strong footwork, and good subtle isolation. When dancing Duo Female, while similar to Male, it should be more feminine in its approach, with possibly more body work. In all Duo we need to see good synchronization, good “question & answer” type moves, good contact (although not in hold) and musical interpretation between the 2 dancers. We expect to see the first 4 bars of Mambo break/ forward & back to be danced, so it is noted which beat the dancer is breaking on. No acrobatic moves or lifts will be allowed in any round.


5.  Lifts: NOT permitted.


6.  Hold: No hold is allowed.26

  NOTE 26: This means, that there is also no contact between the dancers!!!!! Not only classical dance hold is forbidden,                  also the contact in which way ever!!! Salsa Shine means dancing side by side or dancing a step and the other dancer is reacting…..


7.  Format Qualifying Rounds:

                 a. In the opening round all couples shall be seen by the judges in a presentation dance for

1 minute. In the event of many entries and therefore the floor will be too crowded, the presentation dance could

                be divided in two or more groups.

b. The couples will thereafter be divided into heats. Number of couples or duos in the same heat is depending of

                the size of the dance floor but should not exceed 6 couples. The

Chairperson of Judges gives a signal when all Judges are ready but each heat will never last longer than 1

                 minute 30 seconds.

c.  In the opening round, all couples shall than be seen by the Judges in a closing dance for 30 seconds according to the same rules as for the presentation dance.


8. Format Final Round: is danced according to the one dance system.

a.  All couples in the final dance 1 minute overview.

b. All couples dance their solo performance one by one and can chose their own music not exceeding 2 minutes

                 and 15 seconds.

c.  All couples in the final dance 1 minute closing overview.

d. The Judges will place the couples in order of merit.

e.  The SKATING SYSTEM will be used to find the places of the couples.


9. In all categories we must have and must see good Floor Craft. You must not invade other dances space. You must respect other dancers. This will be taken into account when being marked by the Adjudicators.


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