Couple Dance Master Showcase IDO 2015



A Master Showcase is defined as an entertaining presentation of dances, choreographed to be performed by a number of dancers, Solos, Duos, Couples Groups and Formations, which may include dances chosen from the Couple dance Department dances.


Allowable Dance Forms: This category will be open to all or any combination of dance disciplines under the auspices of the Couple dance Department.


Age Limits: There will be no age restrictions and all ages may be represented in a Master Showcase.


Time Limits: The minimum performance time limit, including the opening entrance and the final exit, is 4:00 minutes and the maximum is 5:00 minutes. (Set up time is explained below)


Stage Props and Scenery: All set ups and breakdowns must be made by the team itself and should not exceed 2 minutes all together. Liquids or other substances that can litter, damage or make the dance floor/stage unsafe, may not be used. Fire or working weapons are not permitted.


Number of Performers: At least 16 dancers minimum, with no maximum, are allowed in this category.


There is no minimum or maximum limit how many dancers are on the stage at the same time. However, in the final minute of the performance, all participants of the Showcase must be dancing on the stage together.


Presentation: Both lifts and/or acrobatic movements are allowed, as long as they do not threaten the well-being of the dancers. Lifts in the children’s age range are forbidden and junior and adult performers may not lift children. Other theatrical effects such as fog, laser lighting, magic and illusions may be presented, without restriction, provided they are not hazardous to the performers or audience.


Judging System: The TCIS system of judging will be used with the final round, using the skating system.


Music: Of the Showcase own choice.

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