Rueda IDO 2015




The categories of Rueda de Casino Formation is: Teams and Formations dancing together.


Age Divisions: see in General Provisions, Book 2, 3.4 Age Division.


1.  Number of Dancers: 4 - 24.


2.  Music: Organizer's or own music is used in all rounds. Either the same music or 2/3 different tracks, and then shuffled around.


3.  Duration of Performance: 150 - 180 seconds (2 minutes & 30 seconds to 3 minutes).


4.  Tempo: No restrictions, but the character of the music must be in the typical Salsa rhythm marked by the




5.  Characteristics and Movements: The caller of the Rueda teams and formations must call out the figures. Musicality (rhythm / breaks, etc.), dance variety and originality, performance of stage and individual choreography, use of space, etc. will all be highly evaluated. It is very important to present harmony of music, dance and costume, which should all work together to emphasize the special Salsa Rueda de Casino character.


6.  Lifts: Lifts permitted, but forbidden in Children age division


7.  Hold: The majority of the performance must be in some kind of dance hold, couple wise.

Groups will be judged as a whole. Solo parts may be performed, but must not dominate.

8.  Format Qualifying Rounds: not defined21

                              NOTE 21: The Rueda teams are dancing one by one.


9. Format Final Round: not defined22

NOTE 22: The same as in all rounds, the teams are dancing one by one.


10.  Forbidden Figures: Acrobatic Movements are permitted, but movements where body turns / pivots on its horizontal axis are not allowed. Splits, kicks and other flashy tricks are permitted, but must not dominate.Each group consists of 2 - 12 couples that dance together in one or more circles. Other types of formation work may be used, such as lines, stationary dancing and dividing the Rueda circle into smaller groups, but must not dominate the performance.


11.  Stage Props: not Permitted.

Wichtig im SFBT findet alle Runden im Rueda zu Musik von euch statt. Bringt bitte mindestens 3 Lieder dabei haben.


Spezial Schweiz die Gruppen nehmen 2 Lieder mit.


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